Project size

60m x 40m

Project duration

9 weeks

Project location

London | E16

Services delivered

Restoration & Roofing

Asphalt Roof

London Crematorium Company chose us to undertake the replacement of their existing roof. A comprehensive and robust solution was required to integrate with the existing structure and future proof the building.

The crematorium had an existing flat roof, and our team has unrivalled knowledge and experience of high performance products to work with flat roofing, as well as expert surveying and technical capabilities. We chose high quality mastic asphalt as a product solution due to the strength and durability mastic asphalt offers.

Early Completion

Understandably, the Crematorium wanted us to complete the roofing works outside of operational hours so as not to disrupt any of their daily services. Once the survey was complete and the technical and product solution had been agreed, we completed the entire project outside of the Crematorium’s 9am – 6pm operating hours. We managed to complete it fully on budget within 9 weeks, 3 weeks earlier than anticipated.